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VPK Parent Information for the school year 2022-2023:

Children who are age 4 on or before Sept. 1st during their pre-kindergarten year are eligible for the free Fall VPK program. We are registering children for the school year 2022-2023 that will start on August 10th and end May 26th, 2023. Bright Child Academy offers 3h per day FREE VPK classes 8am-11am or 11:30am-2:30pm. VPK classes  are FREE- no registration, no tuition! Center provides nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack. Also, you can enjoy secure, FREE WebCam service that covers all the classrooms and our playground.
You can obtain your VPK Certificate on-line. You will need your child's birth certificate to prove that they turn 4 by September 1st and two documents showing your address to prove that you are a resident.  Once you receive your VPK certificate, please bring it to Bright Child Academy, so your child could be registered at one of our VPK classes that we offer.

Use this link to apply for VPK certificate:

Additional VPK wrap around options: 
8am-11am or 11:30am-2:30pm  FREE 
7am-11am $140
7am-2:30pm $170
7am-6pm $200


Breakfast + Lunch + Snack = Free

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