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1.   Any  parent arriving for pick up after their child’s scheduled pick up time will be  charged Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) for the first five minutes or portion thereof.  An additional One Dollar ($1.00) will be charged for every minute  thereafter.
2.   Parents  are responsible for signing in their child in the morning and signing out their  child in the afternoon. All children should be accompanied to their classrooms  at the time of arrival.
3.  For  the protection of all children, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any  child that shows signs of illness. If a child should become ill while at the  center, parents will be contacted immediately. Children should be picked up  within 1 hour.  It is the  responsibility of the parent to have alternative arrangements available in the  event that the parents cannot pick up their child. 
4. If  your child has been absent due to a contagious disease, a doctor’s note must be  brought back to school to confirm your child is healthy to return to  school.
5. A  written two week notice is due at time of withdrawal. If a two week notice is  not given, parents will be responsible for the full balance of tuition (two  weeks must be paid regardless if a child is attending school or is absent.) By  signing Bright Child Academy contract you agree with this “withdrawal”  policy.
6. The owner/director will let you know what the weekly tuition will be for your child  before the start date. Nonrefundable tuition is due every MONDAY by 6pm- no  later.
7.  A $10 per day late fee will be charged on all accounts past due. If you still have a balance by Tuesday 6pm- you can not attend Bright Child Academy until you cover your balance in full.
8.  No credits or makeup days will be granted for absences, illness (including exposure to covid-19), vacation, weather  emergencies or holiday closing. Full tuition is required. You will get one week of vacation (free of tuition) after one year being with us.

9.  Returned check policy- there is a $35 fee for every returned check, plus the amount of  the actual check.
10. At the time of enrollment a nonrefundable registration fee of $300 is due. A book supply fee of $150 is a yearly re-reoccurring fee  that will be charged on your anniversary date.


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